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Every year the world comes and has a party in Edinburgh, the Fringe. It usually doesn’t help clean up, and sometimes it’s exhausting to be around, but it is the world’s biggest arts festival and that’s quite exciting to have on your doorstep. Usually it’s a manic month for me, full of performances and happenings, but this year I decided to (mostly) take the Fringe off and turn down most opportunities, because I’m supposed to be on holiday before my PhD. That said, I couldn’t quite do nothing, so I have two small and lovely things that you can come to.

* * *

Sunday 14th August, Forest Fringe, Out of the Blue, 8pm til late

“Let’s not be under any illusions, 2016 as thus far been the shittiest  of years. Even before the referendum result, the unpleasantness of both  campaigns (but in particular the Leave campaign) had stirred up an intolerance, anger and division that we at Forest Fringe have never before known in this country. Since the vote things have only got worse. In response we want as a community want to create something hopeful and defiant. A celebration, but also an opportunity to think, to talk, to be together; to consider Europe and our past, present and future place within it. To create, even if only temporarily, a space of shared belonging. Something queer, wild and international in response to so much that is insular, divisive and destructive.”

Basically, it’s a big and free fancy art party. I’ll be doing an interactive installation about class and running a quiet corner for socially anxious people who would like to go to art parties but are a bit scared of them. More details coming soon.


* * *

Friday 19th August, Edinburgh International Book Festival, 9pm til 11pm

Electronic Voice Phenomena is a spoken word and sound art event, showcasing people who do strange things with sound and words. They’ve asked me and Neil Simpson to do a short version of our show Drone about remote technology and anxiety. It’s a free event, so you can all come whether or not you’re a patron. Do! And also the show will be visiting London and Liverpool in Novemeber, so more of you will have a chance to see it.


* * *

P.S I’m also on the shortlist for a big poetry prize and theannouncement event is on Thursday 18th at the book festival. I’m only performing one or two poems, but if you’d like to come and show support it’d be lovely to see you. If you’re a patron and want to come, send me a message and I’ll get you a ticket.

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