Upcoming Events

August 11th, Edinburgh, Cameo Cinema: Forest Fringe’s Last Festival Waltz
I’m doing a set of poems for a big party for a much-loved arts project.

August 12th, Chicago, Revel Fulton Market: Bit Bash Chicago
OK actually I’m not going to be there, but we are exhibiting Casual Games for Protestors and Paolo’s doing a live session.

August 13th, Edinburgh, EIBF: Outriders
Two book festival events featuring my journey across Canada alongside other writers.

August 17th, Edinburgh, EIBF: Umbrellas of Edinburgh
Me and others doing poems from a book of poems about Edinburgh.

August 18th, Edinburgh, Summerhall: Chill Habibi
A cabaret with the best performance that Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Morocco and Scotland have to offer! I’m the Scotland bit that night.

August 24th, Edinburgh, Scottish Poetry Library: Harry Giles and Natasha Kanapé-Fontaine
Me and an extraordinary Montréal-based Innu poet.

September 1st-3rd, Orkney Rock Festival
My punk band is playing. Yes, really.

September 15th, Edinburgh, TBC
Likely another Embro poetry thing, check back soon

September 22nd, Edinburgh, Summerhall: Anatomy
My multi-arts cabaret extravaganza is back!

September 24th-25th, Winnipeg: Thin Air, the Winnipeg International Writers Festival
Visiting Canada to do poems again!

September 28th – October 1st, Hull: Contains Strong Language
I’m doing quite a mega poetry festival in Hull with the BBC and that; I’m doing live events and also making digital things.

Then I’m taking a break.

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