Upcoming Events

Kiss Ma Hole: autonomous struggles in Scottish politics and culture
Thursday October 8th, 10.30am – 4pm
CCA, Glasgow
Free (ticketed)

“This workshop will subject ‘the problem with work’ to scrutiny by relating unemployed workers’ struggles in the 1990s to contemporary campaigns in conversation with activists, artists and writers.”

I’m going to be speaking at 11am on the work of being an artist, and the different ways artists can be involved in political struggles.

Rally and Broad
Friday October 23rd, 7.30 – 10.30pm
Bongo Club, Edinburgh
£5 (Free for backers, message to book)

I’m doing a big set at Edinburgh’s premier literary cabaret, launching their fourth season.

A Night in the Gutter, Linlinthgow Book Festival
aturday October 31st
Masonic Hall, Linlithgow
£6 (Free for backers, message to book)

An evening cabaret with myself, Christine De Luca, and Chrissy Barnacle.

Tonguit: Collection Launch
Wednesday November 4th
Blackwells, South Bridge, Edinburgh
(Free for all)

A very special event to launch my brand new full collection of poetry out into the world.

Funding a Ritual
Tuesday 10th November, 7.30pm
Artsadmin, London
£3 (Free for backers, message to book)

A ceremony to commit a funding application to the gods and pray for its success, devised and conducted by Harry Giles.

Applicationese is a magic language and fundraising officers are its priests, supporting their organisations and providing a gateway to otherwise inaccessible pools of cash. By creating an open ritual for the submission of funding applications, this event (and accompanying publication) creates a new way to laugh and think about the processes, economics and absurdities of the funding process.

Join us to outline the vision, engage the stakeholders, analyse the impact, and submit our application to the fire, in sure and certain hope of a fair assessment.

Dress code: business casual.


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