Upcoming Events


July 2nd, Golden Hare Books, Edinburgh
Our Real Red Selves: Book Launch

Launching the book that features the full sequence of Drone.

In war and in birth we reveal “our real red selves”, and this volume brings together three poets whose work moves between life and death:Harry Giles’ Drone, Marion McCready’s The Birth Garden and J.L. Williams’ The History of Fire. Triptychs bring together three poets in one volume to showcase the freshest voices and newest developments in Scottish poetry.


July 3rd, 7-11pm, Wellcome Collection, London
Friday Late Spectacular: Play

I’ll be performing gamepoems and running a workshop as part of a much bigger museum play event. Adam Dixon, Hannah Nicklin and I have written new gamepoems especially for the Wellcome.

Join us for a night of games and play for grown-ups! What does play mean to you? How has our understanding of play changed over time? We’re filling the building with all sorts of fun, from intriguing new digital games to traditional parlour favourites as well as discussions and experiences based around the different ways we can play. With word games in the Reading Room and challenges in the atrium, you have the evening to try things out and discover more about the purpose of play as you sneak, plot, listen, wander and scurry. There’ll also be new games made specifically for Wellcome Collection, using the new building in new ways and playing with content from our collection. This is a special late-night event with a bar running all night.


July 6th-12th, Glen Nevis
Outlandia Residency: Gamepoems
http://www.outlandia.com/ / https://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=2444937&u=484572

In the second week of July I’m going to be doing a storytelling games residency in a tiny cabin in Glen Nevis, Scotland. And I’d like you to come and join in. It’s a project called “Casual Games for Casual Hikers”. I’ll be spending the week in Outlandia deviing games for hikers: short, expressive games which foster deep and absurd connections with the West Highlands, its visitors and its ecologies. Walking in the West Highlands is one of the times I feel happiest in the world, and I want to share that delight in a way that feels strange, exploratory, questioning, tricky and fun. Inspired by the tradition of “gamepoems”, the games will be beautiful and stimulating to read in themselves, and some may be unplayable but exciting to imagine. The time will be spent researching and drafting the games by walking, sitting, observing, talking to hikers and asking them to play. You can come and play as well. I’m inviting game designers, playful poets and people who are just interested in gamelike things to come and visit the hut in the glen and take part in game-writing and play-testing. This is an open invitation — you can come for an hour, a day or longer, and participate however you like. If you’re interested, the message me here or find me by email at harry AT harrygiles DOT org.


August 5th, 7th, 14th, 21st, 9.30pm, Summerhall, Edinburgh
£6, free for Patreon backers

SHIFT/ is a new spoken word collective made up of seven of Scotland’s most dynamic, provocative and lyrical spoken word artists – Harry Giles, Rachel Amey, Sam Small, Jenny Lindsay, Bram E. Gieben, Rachel McCrum and Ali Maloney. At this year’s Fringe festival, the collective presents unique and original shows devised by each member, with an unabashed blurring of the lines between poetry and performance, theatre and spoken word.

Drone is a spoken word and sound art performance about remote technology and anxiety. Telling the fragmented story of a military drone’s lives and fears, Drone imagines her as part weapons system, part office worker, part tense background hum. Live sound and spoken word entangle like human and machine, environment and technology, noise and sense. The bleak humour and tender fury of Drone sees the unmanned aerial vehicle as the technology of a neurotic century, surveilled and surveilling, asking how anxious bodies can live as part of systems of astonishing destruction.

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