Upcoming Events


May 29-30th, Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire
Feral Vector: a talk and a workshop

Feral Vector is a festival with workshops, talks, interviews, live games, Q&As, performances, and other things. It’s centred on the subject of game design, its wider cultural influences, the places people think it should go next, and the neglected, ignored places it’s already been.

I’m doing a talk on the overlaps bnetween theatre, poetry and games, and a workshop playing with the idea of “gamepoems”: tiny games that might be weird, might be unplayable, might be inconceivable, but definitely open up worlds of play.


May 31st, 7.45pm, Henderson’s at St John’s, Edinburgh
Shore Poets, feat. me
£5, free for Patreon backers

I’m head-lining the long-running and popular Edinburgh reading series; more details on other readers coming soon.


June 4th, CCA, Glasgow
Our Real Red Selves: Book Launch

Launching the book that features the full sequence of Drone. In war and in birth we reveal “our real red selves”, and this volume brings together three poets whose work moves between life and death:Harry Giles’ Drone, Marion McCready’s The Birth Garden and J.L. Williams’ The History of Fire. Triptychs bring together three poets in one volume to showcase the freshest voices and newest developments in Scottish poetry.


June 6th, Toynbee Hall, London
Everything I Bought and How It Made Me Feel
£10 for a day of performances; free entry to mine for Patreon backers

The stage show of Everything I Bought… as part of the 2 Degrees festival. At the festival’s hub, join us for a full day of artist performances, discussions and events on ‘impossibility’: how do we go on living, taking action, and making art in the face of climate change, capitalism, consumerism (and all the other isms)? Imagining the Impossible includes performances and actions by Emergence, Harry Giles, The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home, Steve Lambert and Steve Waters, with more to be announced during May.


August 5th, 7th, 14th, 21st, 9.30pm, Summerhall, Edinburgh
£6, free for Patreon backers

SHIFT/ is a new spoken word collective made up of seven of Scotland’s most dynamic, provocative and lyrical spoken word artists – Harry Giles, Rachel Amey, Sam Small, Jenny Lindsay, Bram E. Gieben, Rachel McCrum and Ali Maloney. At this year’s Fringe festival, the collective presents unique and original shows devised by each member, with an unabashed blurring of the lines between poetry and performance, theatre and spoken word.

Drone is a spoken word and sound art performance about remote technology and anxiety. Telling the fragmented story of a military drone’s lives and fears, Drone imagines her as part weapons system, part office worker, part tense background hum. Live sound and spoken word entangle like human and machine, environment and technology, noise and sense. The bleak humour and tender fury of Drone sees the unmanned aerial vehicle as the technology of a neurotic century, surveilled and surveilling, asking how anxious bodies can live as part of systems of astonishing destruction.

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