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August 5th, 7th, 14th, 21st, 9.30pm, Summerhall, Edinburgh
Drone @ SHIFT
£6, free for Patreon backers

SHIFT/ is a new spoken word collective made up of seven of Scotland’s most dynamic, provocative and lyrical spoken word artists – Harry Giles, Rachel Amey, Sam Small, Jenny Lindsay, Bram E. Gieben, Rachel McCrum and Ali Maloney. At this year’s Fringe festival, the collective presents unique and original shows devised by each member, with an unabashed blurring of the lines between poetry and performance, theatre and spoken word.

Drone is a spoken word and sound art performance about remote technology and anxiety. Telling the fragmented story of a military drone’s lives and fears, Drone imagines her as part weapons system, part office worker, part tense background hum. Live sound and spoken word entangle like human and machine, environment and technology, noise and sense. The bleak humour and tender fury of Drone sees the unmanned aerial vehicle as the technology of a neurotic century, surveilled and surveilling, asking how anxious bodies can live as part of systems of astonishing destruction.


August 5th, 3.35pm, Underbelly Potterow, Edinburgh
Walking the Tightrope

World premiere of explosive political short plays by writers including Caryl Churchill, Neil LaBute and Timberlake Wertenbaker, followed by energetic post-show audience discussions with stellar panels exploring freedom of expression in the UK arts today.

I’ll be joining the panel for the preview, talking in defense of cultural boycotts.

butterfly rammy

August 7th, 12.20pm, Stand in the Square, Edinburgh
Butterfly Rammy

A cabaret of the art and ideas of Scotland’s political awakening. In the last two years a rag-tag band of activists, artists, thinkers and citizens took the stage and changed how Scotland thought about itself. Each idea small and distinct, together a riot of colour and hope. A butterfly rammy. Common Weal, Scotland’s radical think and do tank presents a show of music, poetry, ideas and politics.

Join our hosts Pauline Goldsmith and Tam Dean Burn as they guide you through Common Weal’s take on Scotland’s recent political awakening. Throughout August they’ll be joined by an ever changing line up of musicians, thinkers and troublemakers for a political cabaret of performance, debate and humour.

I’ll be joining the panel for the opening night to talk about what makes a radical insurgent popular movement happen!


August 8th, Woodland Creatures, Edinburgh
Everything I Bought and How it Made Me Feel @ BARK Performance Art
by donation

A show-and-tell about consumerism and anxiety . Harry’s got a problem. Maybe you do too. He keeps buying things to feel better, but they just make him more miserable. So he started keeping a diary…

For a full year, Harry logged every transaction he made at everythingibought.tumblr.com. In painstaking detail, he wrote about how each purchase made him feel – his hopes, dreams, fears, and utter failure to come to a liveable compromise with consumerism. Now he’s sharing what he’s learned in a performance lecture that dissects shopping until it all falls apart. Framed as a presentation of pie charts and bell curves and statistics about consumption, it’s really about being miserable, being afraid, and trying to find a way out.


August 10th, 10am, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh
Two Minute Manifesto

If you only had two minutes to persuade an audience to back your idea for changing Scotland, what would it be? Free public transport? A tax on images of Margaret Thatcher? A Jimmy Shand impersonator in every classroom?

From the sublime to the ridiculous, the provocative to the pragmatic, ideas are the beating heart of a society. Here, we invite you to take their pulse.

Join David Greig, Sarah Beattie-Smith and Christopher Silver, and a hand- picked selection of interesting folk, for three performances where ideas, politics and culture combine in a heady mix. Guests will be given two minutes to present their single most important idea for creating a better world. And then you vote!

Expect music, poetry, chat, audience participation and provocations from a selection of the country’s finest thinkers, pundits, artists, activists and raconteurs.


August 22nd, Word Power Books, Edinburgh
Our Real Red Selves @ Edinburgh Book Fringe

Reading from the book that features the full sequence of Drone.

In war and in birth we reveal “our real red selves”, and this volume brings together three poets whose work moves between life and death:Harry Giles’ Drone, Marion McCready’s The Birth Garden and J.L. Williams’ The History of Fire. Triptychs bring together three poets in one volume to showcase the freshest voices and newest developments in Scottish poetry.


August 23rd, Out of the Blue, Edinburgh
A Bird is Not a Stone @ Welcome to the Fringe Palestine Day

The project has been developed through a collaboration between Forest Fringe, London’s Gate Theatre and the playwright David Greig, with significant support from the A. M. Qattan Foundation and the British Council. The project will bring some of Palestine’s most vibrant young artists to the festival for a week – providing them the opportunity to see work, build relationships, and, most vitally, perform their own work to a festival audience.

I’m performing around 6pm as part of a performance of Palestinian poetry.

Stowed Out 2015 crop

August 29th, 8pm, Sound Out, Stow
Stowed Out Music Festival

Performing in the spoken word cabaret as part of Stow’s local music festival!


August 30th, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh
Rally and Broad @ Edinburgh International Book Festival

It’s (nearly) the closing Unbound in the Spiegeltent at EIBF…this year, it’s all about translation, interpretation and (mis)communication…and what happens when we don’t understand one another (or worse, when we do…). With…


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