Upcoming Events


Everything I Bought and How It Made Me Feel
Spīķeru Concert Hall, Riga, Latvia September 27th, 7pm

Harry’s got a problem. Maybe you do to. He keeps buying things to feel better, but they just make him more miserable. So he’s started keeping a diary… For a full year, Harry is logging every financial transaction he makes on everythingibought.tumblr.com. In painstaking detail, he’s writing about how each purchase makes him feel — his hopes, dreams, fears, and utter failure to come to a liveable compromise with capitalism. Everything I Bought And How It Made Me Feel is now a new stage show, asking: Why do we buy what we do? Is there any way to do it better? And how does consumerism really make us feel?

The Arches, Glasgow, Scotland
October 10th, 6-10pm


A city of cardboard and glue and glitter! A city of every building you hate! A city that you can destroy! This is a participatory installation jumping-up-and-down sparkleshow about anger and urban planning. Together we will build the worst city in the world and ritually destroy it as though we were children again. Maybe we are. In the face of sprawling regeneration, stunt architecture, entertainment megacomplexes and luxury housing, we will howl our loss through a plasticine pummelling and build a new city in a scream.


A Bird Is Not A Stone
The Supper Room, Town Hall, St Andrews, Scotland
October 11th, 2-3pm

A Bird is Not a Stone is a new anthology of Palestinian poems translated into English by a wide range of contemporary Scottish poets. Abla Oudeh will read a selection of the original poems from Palestine and several of the Scottish poets involved in the project, including Christine Da Luca, the new Edinburgh Makar, and Harry Giles, will read their translations. The editors of this anthology, Sarah Irving and Henry Bell, will present the readings while also providing some background context to the project.

I Want to Blow Up The Palace of Holyroodhouse
Police Station, SPILL, Ipswich, England
30th Oct – 1st Nov

Harry wants to blow up the Palace of Holyroodhouse because huge royal estates make him furious and he has to cycle past this one daily. It’s probably not right to, and he doesn’t want to go to prison anyway, so he’s building a scale model and blowing that up instead. He’s inviting you to build and destroy models of the buildings and institutions you despise, and to join the explosive exploration of our hurt, our rage, and our struggle to figure out what to do about it. This is a performance about futility and urban planning, the limitations of art and activism, and discovering what the state can do to you. All participation will be monitored for monitoring purposes.

Presented with the support of Florian Feigl.

Next Generation Poets Tour
Blackwells, Edinburgh, Scotland
4th November, 6-8pm

Next Generation Poets 2014 is a major poetry promotion following on from New Generation Poets in 1994 and Next Generation Poets in 2004, which launched the careers of many of today’s leading British and Irish poets. Twenty-three events will follow in festivals, libraries, venues, Waterstones and independent bookshops across the country, running through from 1 October to 15 March 2015, when there will be a big celebration at the Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, with all 20 poets invited to read. I am not one of the Next Generation poets! I am too wee yet and don’t have a collection out. But, brilliantly, PBS have invited poets from generations to come to join each tour stop as support, and I’m the youngeen for the Edinburgh leg.

CLASS ACT in the Dialogue Festival
Ovalhouse, London
22nd-23rd November

Dialogue are proud to announce Talking/Making/Taking Part: a festival of theatre and discussion looking at participatory theatre. Throughout the weekend of 22/23 November Dialogue will be taking over Ovalhouse with speakers, long-table discussions, two large scale participatory performances, ten one-on-one performance pieces and a communal meal. I’m performing Class Act, my gameshow about Class War.

New Poetry Publication Launch
Scottish Parliament and Online
25th November I’m launching a new poetry publication about farming and the environment. There’s going to be a beautiful physical version and a beautiful digital version. This is a teaser! I’ll tell you more soon. But it’s going to be good.

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