Upcoming Events

   Photo by Rajni Shah.

Money Talks
Thursday 5th March at 6pm
Artsadmin, London

Money Talks is an artists’ discussion event focusing on raising money for arts projects and providing support for artists who are interested in exploring avenues of funding outside of the traditional routes.

This event is in partnership with the Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy Programme and will focus on visual artists’ experiences in raising funds for their practice and projects. It will include fundraising case studies, recommendations, group discussion and networking.

Speakers include: Linda Florence (artist), Harry Giles (artist) and Shaheen Merali (curator and writer). The event will be chaired by Jane Greenfield (Director, Home Live Art).

Money Talks puts artists’ experiences and reflections at the heart of a two-year action research project on fundraising by Artsadmin, Home Live Art and Live Art Development Agency funded by Arts Council England’s Catalyst Programme.

Each ticket includes a complimentary drink on arrival.


Glasgow’s Green: Art and Urban Ecology
Saturday 15th March, 10.30 – 5pm
Tramway, Glasgow
free for all; registration required


Join Creative Carbon Scotland and Glasgow Arts on 14th March 2015 for a day of free artist-led workshops and activities exploring how the arts can contribute to a more environmental sustainability city. Workshop themes will include food, textiles, urban ecologies, public space, architecture, circular economy and manufacturing.

My workshop “Art and Urban Ecology” is running 3.15-4pm. It’s a participatory workshop to explore the lost and under-appreciated ecologies of Glasgow and imagine cities which are rich in life. We’ll explore, look, think and then make the artworks and ideas together.



Everything I Bought and How It Made Me Feel
Wednesday 18th March at 9pm
Camden People’s Theatre, London

Harry’s got a problem. Maybe you do too. He keeps buying things to feel better, but they just make him more miserable. So he started keeping a diary…

For a full year, Harry logged every transaction he made in painstaking public detail, charting his utter failure to come to a live-able compromise with consumerism. Now he’s sharing what he’s learned in a new stage show that dissects shopping until it all falls apart, asking just why we buy what we do. And is there any way to do it better? And how does all this really make us feel?

“Sublime, hilarious, joyous, painful, sweaty and moving, by turns. With astute analysis, Giles has captured in a carrier bag of till receipts the story of our lives: shopping, and how the hell we survive it” – Lucy Neal, Co-Founder, London International Festival of Theatre, on the scratch performance at New Theatre Institute of Latvia, Sept 2014


Sunday 22nd March at 2.30pm
Pearce Institute, Govan, Glasgow

A new poetry-and-sound show about drones, in Scotland’s contemporary performance festival. More coming soon.

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